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Telephone cleaning

telephone cleaningTelephones can potentially be the dirtiest and most bacteria ridden equipment in the office, laboratory tests carried out by researchers have found that the average workplace telephone can harbour up to 25,127 microbes per square inch which is over 400 times dirtier than a typical lavatory seat.

The reason why telephones are so highly susceptible to contamination is due to bad hygiene practice; I.e staff not washing hands after using lavatory facilities, and contaminating the equipment with microbial pathogens.

Microbial pathogens are highly contagious and once telephones are contaminated, all staff members coming into contact with the equipment thereafter are liable to become infected.

Having dirty and contaminated equipment will inevitably increase absenteeism due to staff contracting minor illnesses such as cold and flu whilst using the equipment. It’s imperative for businesses to have their telephones cleaned on a routine basis as to protect their staff and prevent costly absenteeism.

The price of our telephone cleaning service is relatively cheap and negligible when compared to the potential cost in absenteeism, dirty and contaminated telephone handsets could bring.

For this reason we recommend a weekly service as to ensure that sanitation of telephone equipment is maintained. Sanitised telephones will ensure your optimum productivity of your business, by controlling the spread of pathogens from causing absenteeism and enhancing staff morale by expressing that their well being is of high importance.