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1st Compucare are committed to providing specialist care and sanitation, in order to increase the longevity of IT equipment and protect staff in the workplace from becoming ill due to unhygienic equipment. IT equipment are ideal incubators for pathogens to live and propagate, contaminated equipment can cause users to contract minor illnesses such as the common cold as well as more serious viruses such as E-Coli and MRSA.

Minor illnesses are the leading cause of staff absenteeism, the large majority of absenteeism related to minor illnesses is attributable to staff becoming infected from dirty workplace equipment such as telephones, keyboards and mice. It is estimated that staff absenteeism costs UK businesses an average of £972 per employee each year, having your desktop computers and workplace equipment regularly cleaned can dramatically reduce this cost.

Specialist sanitation of workplace equipment not only provides optimum hygiene but ensures equipment is kept working properly, enhances staff morale which increases productivity and creates an aesthetically pleasing company image.

Services are flexible and can be delivered at a time that suits you allowing for uninterrupted operations of your business. We welcome clients requesting one off clean and recurring cleaning on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, six monthly or annual basis.

Don’t delay enlist 1st Compucare to sanitise your computers and IT equipment, and potentially save thousands of pounds from being wasted on absenteeism and computer repair.

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