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Server room cleaning

Server Room CleaningServer rooms also known as comms rooms are often confused with data centres, housing the same data communication equipment they are very similar, the main differentiation between them being scale. Server rooms are smaller than data centres, and are more often than not contained within data centre environments.


Our server room cleaning service minimises the risk of hardware failure caused by electrostatic discharge and contamination, 1st Compucare specialist cleaning technicians are trained to safely remove these threats using anti-static solutions that neutralise static cling and prevent the onset of dust from causing over heating and protect against static discharge.


Despite their smaller size server rooms are just as crucial in regard to everyday business operations, server down time can be very costly for businesses and it’s imperative preventative sanitation is conducted to circumvent damages caused by contamination.


Server rooms and comms rooms host a diverse range of highly sensitive equipment, that require a clean and sterile environment free from contaminants in order to function optimally. As with their bigger brothers data centres, server rooms are prone to contamination from dust, debris and static that can cause hardware to retain heat and incur permanent damage.


1st Compucare provide comprehensive deep cleaning of server room environments, that includes underfloor voids, abovefloor voids, access flooring, server racks and A/C units.

Following your first deep clean of your server room it is advised that an ongoing sanitation is arranged to be conducted on a routine basis as to maintain sanitation and stability of equipment. Our service is fully flexible and can be conducted at times and frequencies that best suit your companies requirements.