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PC Cleaning London

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Computers are ubiquitous in modern day offices, forming the backbone to business operations nationwide and have thus become an indispensable commodity that companies couldn’t do without. Due to the great abundance of Computers in the workplace, it has become more important than ever to enlist a PC cleaner service as to ensure equipment is running optimally and staff are protected from the threat of infectious microbes that can be found on the surface of equipment.

Computers and workplace equipment are ideal incubators for microbial pathogens to survive and act as germ transfer points to infect all those that come into contact. It only takes one infected member of staff, to pass their germs onto the equipment and infect all other staff members that come in contact with the equipment thereafter. Pathogens such as MRSA, E-Coli and Hepatitis have been detected on the surface of PC base units and equipment such as keyboards used in reputable London offices. Our London based service provides external sanitation of computer base units and equipment, by applying biocidal cleaning solutions that eradicate microbial pathogens leaving computers clean and safe to use.

Contaminated PCs and equipment put staff at risk of becoming infected and absent from work. On average absenteeism costs businesses £972 per employee each year. 70% of all absenteeism can be attributed to minor illnesses caused by infection whilst at work. Our service creates a clean workplace environment that will drastically reduce the cost of absenteeism and increase productivity among staff. If you’re looking for a general office cleaning in london we highly recommend our friends over at 1st Officecare cleaning services.