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Monitor Cleaning Service

Cleaning of display monitors is vital as to prevent dust particles from covering screens, the positive electromagnetic charge generated from computer monitors causes static cling to attract dust particles surface of its screen. Display screens that are covered in dust impair the clarity of the images depicted, and can induce eye strain upon staff viewing the monitors for prolonged periods of time.

Clean monitors allow staff to use their computers unhindered by dusty screens, that could detriment their ability to work efficiently and productively. Our monitor cleaning service implements non abrasive COSHH approved anti-static cleaning solutions, to neutralise static cling and safely remove dust particles from the screens surface, ensuring that screens are clear and smear free.

Unsanitary monitors can have serious implications upon the vision of staff, hence why under EU directive 90/270/EEC it is mandatory for employers to ensure that monitors are kept clean, as to prevent the health of staff viewing the monitors from being undermined.

1st Compucare offer affordable cleaning of monitors to help businesses meet national health and safety requirements, and also help remove the hindrance of unclean display screens and ensure optimum efficiency and productivity. As with all the services we provide, appointments are completely flexible and can be tailored to your businesses individual requirements.