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Laptop Cleaning Service London

1st Compucare provide specialist sanitation of laptop hardware, our service is fully comprehensive and employs skilled technicians to diligently remove all particulate matter from underneath, keys, vents and screens.

It is essential that Laptops are regularly sanitised as to ensure that hardware is performing optimally and is safe to use. As with their desktop counterparts, laptops will inevitably attract particulates over time, causing dust to accumulate underneath input keys and inside air vents.

Dust particulates can infiltrate into the interior of laptops through small openings and vents, once inside dust coats internal components and clogs system fans causing hardware to over heat and become unstable.

The compactness of laptops increases the susceptibility for hardware to overheat, this is because it is easier for dust to fill the interior and completely obstruct air circulation. Heat retention is a serious problem and can cause laptop hardware to become permanently damaged and consistently unstable causing slow system performance and intermittent power failures.

The relative close proximity of components to the exterior body, means there is decreased space for hardware to dissipate heat and can cause laptop keyboards to become too hot to touch. Heat retention also causes systems fans to work harder which consequently increases power consumption and can quicken the rate at which battery life is used.

Due to the increased vulnerability for laptops to retain heat, it is imperative for any company that utilizes multiple laptops to enlist the laptop cleaning services of 1st Compucare, to ensure that they are running optimally and costs due to damaged hardware are avoided.