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Keyboard cleaning

Studies have shown that the average office keyboard holds up to 3,296 microbes per square inch, microbes such as E-Coli, MRSA, C-Difficile and Hepatitis have been detected laying dormant in computer keyboards being used in highly reputable london offices.1st Compucare’s keyboard cleaning service is aimed at businesses of all sizes who wish to  ensure their keyboards are free from the threat of microbial viruses and hazardous particles, as to prevent their staff becoming ill due to infection and reduce the cost they pay in staff absenteeism due to minor illnesses.

Keyboards are incubators for microbial viruses and provide a conduit for germs to rapidly spread among employees, it only takes one infected member of staff who transfers their germs onto a keyboard, to consequently cause all other members of staff who come into contact with the same keyboard to become infected thereafter.


The common cold virus is able to survive on keyboards for up to 72 hours, while more dangerous microbes such as MRSA can potentially survive on equipment for up to 7 months. Staff are at risk of falling ill and becoming absent from work for as long as such microbial viruses are present on keyboards, hence why enlisting our sanitation service is key to minimising the cost of absenteeism for your company.

Staff eating at their desk during lunch hour has become common practice in most offices, food crumbs often become lodged in between input keys. Overtime food crumbs accumulate and cause mould and microbial bacteria to grow, not only is this unhygienic but it can attract unwanted pests such as mice, which carry their own germs and contribute further contamination to equipment. Particulates stuck in between keys also impair the responsiveness of keys, which can elicit the need for expensive replacements and repairs.

Our pc cleaning service provides comprehensive sanitation of keyboards, making sure that all particles trapped underneath input keys are removed and the surface of keyboards are thoroughly decontaminated from viral pathogens. Cleaning technicians achieve this by meticulously brushing between input keys in order to remove lodged particles and wiping down the exterior of keyboards with non toxic COSHH approved anti-bacterial solutions that eradicate all traces of microbial viruses.

Computer keyboards are ubiquitous in modern offices and are used extensively by staff throughout the day, for this reason we believe it’s essential that businesses contract a service such as ours in order to reduce the cost of absenteeism related to staff becoming infected, maintain the responsiveness of keys and promote optimum aesthetics of the workplace environment.