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Hardware cleaning

1st Compucare provide internal hardware cleaning across a broad range of varying computers and IT equipment, this can include but not limited to the interior of PC base units, data centre cabinets and server hardware. Systems fans and the positive electromagnetic charge of computer hardware, causes air borne particles such as dust to accumulate within the interior of computer hardware.

The quantity of dust particles can quickly build up and clog system fans causing disruption to air flow. Lack of sufficient air flow causes hardware to retain heat which leads to system instability and irrevocable damages to hardware.

Our cleaning operatives are all qualified cleaning technicians and are trained to access and safely clean internal hardware of computers without causing any damages. Special electronic static discharge (ESD) safe vacuums are utilised as to prevent the static from inducing damages upon hardware. Cleaning operatives have full knowledge and understanding of the detrimental effect ESD has upon computer hardware.

When conducting any internal cleaning operation, our cleaning operatives make sure to ground themselves and equip ESD wristbands prior to commencing the clean.Following extraction of dust particulates our cleaning operatives will inspect the interior of the computer, and carefully remove any residual dust and debris that may stuck in between fins of heat sinks that cover critical components to ensure that every lack speck of particles are removed.

Regular cleaning of internal hardware, removes the excess build up of dust and debris that impedes system cooling and ensures that hardware is kept running at optimum temperatures. Our hardware cleaning service helps businesses make sure that their computers and IT equipment are always reliable, increases the longevity of systems and prevents costs related to damaged and replacement hardware.