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Hub room cleaning

hub-room-cleaningHub rooms are the smallest of the data centre type environments, usually only housing a small quantity of racks. Although smaller hub rooms are equally as threatened by the hazards of air borne contaminants such as dust and debris.

In fact contamination is exacerbated by the confinement, due to there being less space for the contaminants to be spread, causing higher concentrations of contaminants to lay upon data communication equipment.

Hub rooms as a compartment to data centres or inconspicuously area of an office floor, nevertheless it’s essential that hub rooms are sanitised as to prevent the onset of dust, debris an static from causing irrevocable damages to expensive equipment.

As with all data communication equipment, dust and debris can damage the circuitry of hardware and cause overheating which leads to expensive power consumption, malfunctions and permanent damage. Staff using data communication equipment can cause the static discharge to damage the hardware, it’s important that static cling is neutralised and anti-static flooring is sanitised as to prevent ESD related events from occuring.

Hub rooms can contain servers holding irreplaceable data and transmission of important communication, any damage or failure can lead to down time that can be very costly for businesses.

Our data room cleaning service implements anti-static solutions that repel dust from sticking to rack mounts and cabinets and ensure that staff are protected against ESD. As with all our data centre related operations, the service we provide is fully comprehensive and ensures that all aspects of rooms are cleaned including underfloor voids, floor surfaces, internal and external cabinets/racks and cable trays.

1st Compucare recommend consistent cleaning of hub room environments, to ensure that contamination is kept at bay and hub room equipment is performing optimally.