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Why Us

Why 1st Compucare should be your 1st Choice for IT Cleaning Solutions?

1st Compucare are renowned for operational excellence in the field of computer and data centre hygiene, we pride ourselves in offering a high quality yet competitively priced service.

Below are some of the reasons why we believe we should be your 1st choice for computer and data centre sanitation.


1st for Quality Service

1st Compucare deliver a quality of service that is second to none, from our friendly customer service team to the specialist cleaning service we provide, our business is conducted to the highest standards of quality management, as outlined by our ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Since 1980 the 1st Compucare brand has remained synonymous with high quality, it is our priority to continue to maintain that reputation by ensuring that each aspect of our service remains cutting edge, this means the latest in biocidal cleaning solutions, fully trained and qualified technicians, personable and organised sales team and congruent steadfast delivery of services that can be fully customised to suit individual requirements.


1st for Quality Assurance

1st Compucare guarantee customer customer satisfaction, It is our company policy that if a client is unsatisfied with our service, we will re-clean the equipment or environment free of charge.

It is important to us that we develop lasting relationships with our clients built on trust, we do this by maintaining constant dialogue and listening to our clients feedback, ensuring that all their sanitation requirements are completed to a satisfactory standard.


1st for Quality Cleaning Technicians

1st Compucare’s strict training and selection process, ensures that we only employ cleaning technicians that demonstrate proficient knowledge and practical ability to sanitise IT equipment safely and to a high professional standard.

Our cleaning technicians differ from general office cleaners as they possess specialist knowledge and understanding of IT and data communication equipment, that is required to undertake sanitation of the most sensitive of equipment without incurring damage.

This is what distinguishes us from general office cleaners, who due to their lack of knowledge and expertise, are be liable to cause damage due to lack of training.


1st for Quality Health and Safety Policy

It is intrinsic to our company ethos to care for computers and those that use them.

To ensure that we achieve our objective, the services we provide our compliant with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) regulations of whom we are an accredited partner.

The biocidal cleaning products that we use are all approved by the HSE and follow guidelines as outlined by Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSSH) regulations, ensuring that all cleaning operations are non toxic and pose no threat to the health of users.

All cleaning technicians are trained in health and safety protocol and supervised at all times to ensure that all operations are conducted fault free with the safety of both our staff and our clients staff in mind.


1st for Quality Cleaning Products

Viral microbes such as MRSA and E-Coli to name but a few are widely prevalent in workplace equipment, 1st Compucare employ biocidal cleaning solutions that are formulated to completely eradicate such dangerous microbial pathogens.

The cleaning solutions that 1st Compucare implement provide are designed to be applied to computer equipment and provide a more thorough level of sanitation than off the shelf products, which are generally not suited to be applied to IT equipment.

Our service utilises HEPA filtered vacuums, that filter the air to .3 microns, ensuring that all particulate matter is extracted thereby purifying the ambient air and creating a far cleaner environment.

1st Compucare is dedicated to researching new methods of sanitation and updating our inventory accordingly to ensure that we remain at the forefront of what the cleaning industry has to offer.