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Underfloor Cleaning

Underfloor CleaningUnderfloor cleaning (sub-floor cleaning) entails clearing away contamination of dust, debris and zinc whiskers from within the air plenum beneath the raised access flooring panels of data and server room environments. The underfloor plenum provides a conduit for which cables and air flow can pass through into data centre rooms, in order to power and cool equipment.

Overtime air plenums (sub-floor voids) can become contaminated with dust and debris such as zinc filaments, in some cases access floor panels are not detached following installation, therefore causing the sub-floor to be extremely contaminated due to the fact it has never cleaned.

The presence of contaminants in the underfloor plenum is very hazardous for data room equipment, this is because contaminants can become airborne and dispersed into the data room environment through vents, diffuser tiles and air ducts placed underneath equipment and around the vicinity of the room.

Contaminants such as dust and debris can cause a wide range of damages to equipment such as short circuits, over heating, clogging of cooling fans, increased risk of fire, false smoke alarms and undermined health and safety of staff. The threat of data centre contamination can ultimately cause immense costs in equipment repair and replacement, hence why it’s imperative businesses enlist our preventative sanitation service.

Our underfloor cleaning service is conducted by qualified technicians who will remove access flooring panels one by one using suction pads, and extract all contaminants residing within using HEPA filtered vacuums that filter to .3 microns, thus ensuring all contaminants no matter how small are removed.

Since most data centres consist of sub floor voids, underfloor cleaning is incorporated in our standard data centre sanitation service at no additional cost. Our underfloor cleaning services can protect your data centre from problems that can range from expensive server downtime to an event as devastating as fire outbreak. Besides the huge potential cost savings in replacement hardware and repairs, our service can also reduce the cost of insurance due to the decreased likelihood of a catastrophic event occurring.