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Ceiling Cleaning

ceiling cleaningThe dropped ceiling consists of panels that are suspended beneath the ceiling, creating a void in between the ceiling and panels, which is usually used to provide a passage for air flow, cabling and ductwork.

As with the underfloor plenum, above floor plenums can become contaminated with dust and debris that poses threat to the stability of data communication equipment.

Particles can become airborne with the above floor plenum and find theere onto equipment through vents, dusts and diffuser tiles.Contaminants can also find there way into environments due to ceiling panels that has been dislodged due to alterations in pressure.

Once particles have reached equipment they can cause permanent damage, short circuits and overheating which can lead to expensive repair and replacement of hardware. Contaminants that fall down from the ceiling can cause the floor to become layered in dust and debris, which can impair electrical conductivity of floor panels and cause the environment to become dusty and unhygienic.

Our cleaning operatives utilise HEPA filtered vacuums to eradicate contaminants from inside dropped ceiling plenums, and ensure that ceiling voids are clean and free from hazardous particles. Ceiling void cleaning is a fundamental component of 1st Compucare’s comprehensive data sanitation service, which ensures that all contaminants such as dust and debris are removed as to prevent damages to data centre equipment.