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Raised Floor Cleaning

The tops of access flooring panels (raised flooring panels) in data centre environments are designed to provide an electrical conductive path, to allow a route for which electrostatic energy produced by equipment can be effectively dissipated from the environment.

Over time dust and debris can accumulate on the top of access flooring panels and impede the flooring’s electrical conductivity, causing electro static to build up within the environment. Our service ensures that the tops of floor surfaces are kept sanitised, ensuring that specialised data room flooring remains conducive. The more tangible benefit to our services, is the vast improvement to aesthetics and hygiene it creates.

1st Compucare’s tops of floor surface cleaning uses non abrasive solutions, especially formulated for application upon laminated flooring and electrical conductive flooring. We understand the importance of not using corrosive chemicals and metal scouring pads, that less specialised cleaning services may use as they can cause damage to the anti-static properties of flooring.

Our access floor cleaning service can treat a varying range of floor types including vinyl tiles, carpeted floor surfaces, high pressure laminate (HPL) and direct pressure laminate flooring (DPL).

We can customise our services to suit client’s specific requirements, and are able too re laminate flooring and apply anti-static finishes upon request, although this is not recommended for HPL panels as it can cause surface damage.

After Cleaning
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